All living labs

All living labs


Rewetting unproductive drained peatland

📍Siikajoki, Finland

▪️Drained peatland – non-productive

Continuous cover forestry  on drained peatland

📍Lettosuo, Rottaniitynsuo, Asmonkorpi & Kivalo, Finland

▪️Drained peatland – productive

Co-creation in peat extraction areas

📍Pikkusaarisuo, Finland

▪️Peatland extraction area

Water management

📍Öland, Sweden

▪️Water management

Living lab in Estonia

Biodiversity & ecosystem services monitoring on constructed wetland

📍Vända, Estonia

▪️Constructed wetland

Rewetting peat extraction area

📍Laiuse, Estonia

▪️Peat extraction area

Revegetation & remote sensing on peat extraction area

📍Ess-soo, Estonia

▪️Peat extraction area

Rewetted drained peatland forest

📍Kuresoo, Estonia

▪️Drained peatland forest – productive

Living lab in Latvia

Wood ash application on peat extraction area

📍Kaigu 14, Latvia

▪️Drained peatland forest (non-productive)

Co-creation & berry cultivation in former peat extraction area

📍Kaigu11 & Kalna12, Latvia


Agroforestry shelter belts & plantations on agricultural peatland

📍LVC301, Latvia

▪️Drained peatland forest (productive)

Afforestation of agricultural peatland

📍302, 115 Latvia

▪️Drained peatland forest (productive)

📍303 Latvia

▪️Non-drained peatland forest (productive)

Co-creation in agricultural peatland

📍River Peene Valley, Germany

▪️Agripeat – Agriculture on peatland

Living lab in Spain

Studying over-grazed drained mountain peatland

📍Pyrenees, Spain

▪️Drained peatland – non-productive

Improving habitats & preserving endangered species on coastal wetland

📍Tarragona, Spain

▪️Coastal wetland

Revegetating riparian forest floodplain

📍Roureda de Tordera & Canoves stream, Spain


Living lab in France

Restoring unproductive drained mountain peatland with high biodiversity values

📍Bernadouze-Pyrenees, France

▪️Drained peatland – non-productive

Biodiversity & ecosystem services of alluvial floodplains

📍ConfluentToulouse, France


Co-creation on constructed wetland

📍Rampillon, Ancoeur catchment, France

▪️Constructed wetand

Comparing unproductive drained peatland mowing

📍Valley of the Zuidleie, Belgium

▪️Drained peatland – non-productive

Rewetting floodplain

📍Zwarte Beek, Belgium


Restoring hydrology of floodplain

📍Dijle River Valley, Belgium

▪️Peatland extraction area

Co-creation on floodplain

📍Lake Fertö, Hungary & Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park, Austria


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