Co-creation in peat extraction areas

Co-creation in peat extraction areas

Challenges: Peat extraction areas are significant greenhouse gas sources (1.7 Mt CO2 eq.). In Finland, ~50,000 ha of former peat extraction sites had undergone land-use change by 2018. Restoration by rewetting may increase methane (CH4) emissions, whereas afforestation decreases emissions by 7.8 tn CO2 eq/ha/year during the first 15 years and increases carbon storage in trees and soil. The use of former peat extraction areas can be a sensitive issue among stakeholders and often leads to conflict.

Solutions: Rewetting, reintroducing Sphagnum moss or vascular plants, and/or afforestation. Since rewetting alone may increase CH4 emissions, and to avoid conflict, co-creation among stakeholders will be used to find the best solution(s). 

Outcomes: A common understanding of the best possible after-use of the site will be reached.

Type of wetland:

Peat extraction area

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