Rewetting unproductive drained peatland

Rewetting unproductive drained peatland

Challenges: In Finland, >1 Mha or ~20% of peatland drained for forestry is too far north or too nutrient-poor to sustain growth (timber production capacity < 1m3/ha). Post-harvest afforestation is an inefficient solution.

Solutions: Restoration via rewetting, ditch elimination and tree removal.

Outcomes: Rewetting expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to afforestation and to enhance biodiversity in the long-term (~10 years), with restoration of 15% of Finland’s drained peatland estimated to improve habits for 34 out of 48 red-listed peatland plant species (LIFEpeatlandUse).

Type of wetland:

Drained peatland – non-productive

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