Co-creation on constructed wetland

Co-creation on constructed wetland

Challenges: This 0.5 ha site is part of a >200km2catchment, in which nature-based solutions such as wetlands and buffer zones have been used to restore and adapt the area to climate change (CC). One part of the Parisian Basin is covered by waterlogged luvisoils that have been subsurface drained and intensely farmed for cereal. Stakeholders have been involved in a participatory process on management options for non-point source pollution.

Solutions: Stakeholders supported in co-creating solutions to land management to address CC impacts in an intensive crop area in Paris suburb. Greenhouse gas and carbon balance on an artificial wetland level, a biodiversity survey (amphibians, aquatic macroinvertebrates), and water quality monitoring.

Outcomes: The participatory action will result in quantified proposals for assessing biodiversity and other ecosystem services (BES) for stakeholders at the local level. Value chains based on sustainable land use will be extrapolated at the regional level, reducing conflict between climate action, sustaining agriculture, and nature conservation goals. Monitoring results of BES will be evaluated.

Type of peatland:

Constructed wetland

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