Water management

Challenges: This smallholder agricultural landscape has mixed-in grasslands, alvar, and forests, with historical continuity of land use and interconnected biodiversity and cultural heritage. Drought and water scarcity are challenges due to a variable climate. Governance of water and wetlands involves multiple interests and potential trade-offs between agriculture, tourism, and conservation. 

Solutions: Long-term planning connecting different interests and enhanced collaboration to overcome locked-in positions and rigid regulations. The co-creation process will build a joint understanding of the challenges and potential solutions as well as facilitate forward-looking collective action.

Outcomes: Ongoing local processes enhanced and potentially new initiatives and pathways forward initiated to build adaptive capacity for climate change. The process is intended to open up new relationships and greater understanding across different actors and to have positive impacts on the management capacity on Ă–land and in Kalmar County.

Type of wetland:

Water management

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