Improving habitats & preserving endangered species on coastal wetland

Improving habitats & preserving endangered species on coastal wetland

Challenges: Coastal wetlands and salt marshes are highly productive ecosystems and carbon sinks, tackling climate change. Along the Mediterranean coast, human activities such as tourism have significantly altered habitat by drying them out. This degradation and biodiversity loss have economic and social impacts, since these habitats provide a variety of ecosystem services, e.g. improving water quality, buffering against erosion and storm surge, and providing nursery habitats for commercially and recreationally important fish species.

Solutions: Several actions to restore coastal wetlands on the coast of Vendrell (Tarragona) have been planned to conserve priority habitats, to preserve the endangered species Charadrius alexandrines, to introduce Aphanius iberus (IUCN Directive 92/43/EEC Red List), and to recover lagoons and restore the functional wetlands. Technical assistance will be provided to local communities restoring the area. Actions will be taken based on comprehensive management of Les Madrigueres coastal area, which includes coastal lagoons, dunes, and marshes.

Outcomes: Habitats of existing lagoons will be enhanced and new habitats created. New participatory restoration projects suggested by NGOs, local conservationists, and the city council will be initiated.

Type of wetland:

Coastal wetland

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