Peatland protection in Austrian Burgenland

One of the ALFAwetlands Living Labs: Austrian-Hungarian Living Lab is located partly in Austria in the Burgenland Region. For this region Action Plan, based on the Austrian Peatland Strategy 2030+ has been developed.

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Action Plan Burgenland

The Burgenland Action Plan, based on the Austrian Peatland Strategy 2030+, is currently in the planning and coordination process. Special attention will be given to Lake Neusiedl, which is surrounded by a 163 km² (101 km² on the Austrian side) reed belt, with the specific conservation measures planned for its marsh and inhabitants. Additionally, the Action Plan could consider the following elements:

  • Proposed Priorities
  • Planned Implementation Measures.

Proposed Priorities of the Action Plan

  • Data collection on peat occurrences in Burgenland
  • Expansion of peatland protection areas through buffer zones between peatlands and agricultural lands
  • Restoration of damaged peatland areas, as well as maintenance and preservation of intact peatlands
  • Review the intensity of the use of agriculturally utilised peat soils and, if necessary, adapt to a sustainable use form
  • Evaluation of funding measures for peat soil protection
  • Networking of relevant sectors and institutions; establishment of a knowledge pool on peatlands, their protection, as well as preservation and restoration options
  • Awareness-raising and knowledge dissemination on the topic of peatlands protection
Lake Neusiedl

Planned Implementation Measures

  • Comprehensive recording of all wetland habitats in Burgenland as part of the LE project FLIP-Wetland Inventory (2022-2024)
  • Restoration and ongoing management of damaged peatlands based on the already developed vegetation ecological maintenance concept for Burgenland’s nature reserves
  • Management and sustainable utilisation measures of the reed belt at Lake Neusiedl
  • Implementation of conservation-compatible reed harvesting and management methods for sustainable reed use at Lake Neusiedl in collaboration with local reed managers and landowners
  • Revitalisation and ongoing management of peatlands through the biotope protection program of the Nature Conservation Association.

European Wilderness Society will follow the Action Plan developments and will consider, how ALFAwetlands research can contribute to its implementation.

Max A.E. Rossberg, Chairman of the European Wilderness Society

This publication is prepared by Lisa Marie Mahlknecht from European Wilderness Society, ALFAwetlands project partner

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