Author: Vlado Vancura

  • Öland Island

    Öland Island

    One of the ALFAwetlands Living Labs is located in Sweden on the Öland island. Öland Island is a captivating island located on the South-Eastern coast of Sweden. Known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, Öland attracts visitors from around the world. Spanning approximately 137 kilometres in length, it is the second-largest island in Sweden.…

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  • Citizen science helps monitor wetlands

    Citizen science helps monitor wetlands

    Citizen science can play an important role in supporting the research and monitoring of wetlands in Europe. Wetlands are vital ecosystems, but their conservation and management requires extensive data collection across diverse locations. Citizen science can provide a significant help in this process.  Please also read: Living Laboratories  What is citizen science Citizen science refers…

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  • Wetlands in the Czech Republic

    Wetlands in the Czech Republic

    Wetlands in the Czech Republic have a significant ecological importance. They are playing a vital role in supporting biodiversity and providing essential ecosystem services. These wetland areas, located throughout the country, encompass diverse habitats such as marshes, bogs, floodplains, and peatlands. Breeding and stopover sites The Czech Republic’s wetlands serve as crucial breeding and stopover…

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  • Wetlands restoration in Portugal

    Wetlands restoration in Portugal

    Wetlands are very important for climate change mitigation, biodiversity as well as provide many other benefits. Wetlands restoration plays an important role in their preservation. Below you will find some experience from Portugal, discovered by ALFAwetlands experts. Wetlands restoration in Portugal is an important conservation initiative aiming at preserving and enhancing these valuable ecosystems. Wetlands…

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  • Living lab site in French Pyrenees 

    Living lab site in French Pyrenees 

    Bernadouze Peatland Living lab site Bernadouze Peatland is a part of the unique Europe wide Living labs network of ALFAWetlands project. It is nestled in the picturesque Pyrenees landscape of southwestern France. The area is a captivating natural gem that holds significant ecological value.  This area is a moss-covered wetland with diverse flora and fauna.…

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  • Rampillon wetland

    Rampillon wetland

    Wetland Rampillon is an important reminder of the critical role that wetlands play in supporting biodiversity, improving water quality, and providing essential ecosystem services. Vlado Vancura European Wilderness Society´s expert Help us to save wetlands! Stay tuned 📨

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  • ALFAwetlands´ co-creation process

    ALFAwetlands´ co-creation process

    Recently, ALFAwetlands team made an additional important step to initiate knowledge co-creation processes in some of the Living Labs in ALFAwetlands. This is a part of establishing a solid fundament for building local, collective capacity to successfully implement wetland projects, across European cases and contexts.   The Co-creation and inclusive Wetlands restoration is the ALFAwetlands Work Package 2,…

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  • Wetlands in Europe at the dawn of history

    Wetlands in Europe at the dawn of history

    Wetlands in Europe at the dawn of history used to be one of the dominant ecosystems. After the last glaciation retreated, they covered extensive areas and significantly contributed to maintaining of the continental water balance.  Wetlands already in the past were important source of the water that supported all forms of life. Even in last…

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  • Wetlands restoration in Slovakia

    Wetlands restoration in Slovakia

    Wetlands are important Wetlands are critical part of our natural environment. They are the vital link between land and water. They provide a huge benefit in sheltering important biodiversity and in addition, they also provide a wide range of benefits to people. In Slovakia the leading organization dealing for 25 years with wetlands restoration is NGO Broz (Bratislava…

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  • Living Laboratories

    Living Laboratories

    ALFAwetlands HORIZON project, supported by the European Union, is focusing on the various kind of peatlands, wetlands and floodplains across the Europe. The project is multinational and it includes 10 EU countries. The Living Laboratories (Living Labs) are fundamental for ALFAwetlands project. One of the ultimate goals of this project is to improve the geospatial knowledge base of wetlands.  Living…

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