Öland Island

One of the ALFAwetlands Living Labs is located in Sweden on the Öland island.

Öland Island is a captivating island located on the South-Eastern coast of Sweden. Known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, Öland attracts visitors from around the world. Spanning approximately 137 kilometres in length, it is the second-largest island in Sweden.

The island’s diverse landscape comprises sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, rolling farmland, wetlands and lush forests. All these natural elements are fundament for biodiversity rich land. 

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Nature reserves Alvaret and Stora Alvaret

Öland Island host two Nature reserves, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Alvaret and Stora Alvaret. Both provide a glimpse into unique ecosystems and rare plant species. These reserves, showcase the unique and fragile ecosystems found on the island. 

Alvaret is a limestone plain characterized by sparse vegetation, dotted with fascinating rock formations and rare plant species that have adapted to the harsh conditions. 

Unique landscape

These nature reserves not only provide critical habitats for numerous plant and animal species but also serve as important sites for scientific research and conservation efforts. Visiting Alvaret and Stora Alvaret allows one to appreciate the natural wonders and ecological significance of Öland island.

Culture and history 

Öland is also renowned for its rich history and cultural sites. The island boasts over 400 ancient monuments, including prehistoric burial grounds, Iron Age fortresses, and medieval castles. The impressive Kalmar Castle, which connects Öland to the mainland via a bridge, is a must-visit attraction.

With its stunning natural landscapes, historical treasures, and warm hospitality, Öland offers a delightful destination for travellers seeking a unique Swedish experience.

Wetlands on Öland Island

Öland in Sweden is a home to several remarkable wetlands. These wetland areas contribute to the island’s rich biodiversity and serve as important habitats for numerous plant and animal species. Besides the Stora Alvarez, also Beijershamn Nature Reserves are notable wetland locations on Öland. 

Stora Alvaret, encompasses expansive limestone plains interspersed with wet meadows, marshes, and small lakes. This unique ecosystem supports a variety of rare and specialized plant species. 

Beijershamn Nature Reserve, situated along the coast, features wetland habitats that attract migratory birds, including waders and waterfowl. 


Öland Island host Stora Alvaret, the one of the largest and most well-known alvar regions in the world. The area provides the striking beauty of the open grasslands, scattered trees, and unique plant life. That make Öland’s alvar an ecologically significant natural feature.

Stora Alvaret, encompasses a vast expanse of open grassland interspersed with scattered trees and rich biodiversity. 

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