Young researchers’ introduction – Ville Tuominen

ALFAwetlands encourages input of young researches to the project. We have already introduced Leo Raivonen from Luke. Now it´s time for Ville Tuominen from FMI.

I’m Ville Tuominen, a young scientist working at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). My background is in Systems and Operations research at Aalto University in Finland, and I ended up doing my master’s thesis on remote sensing at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) as I was interested in topics related to nature and climate. I have been working at the FMI for over a year now and should be officially starting my PhD soon.

Recently I have been working with simulations of wetland greenhouse gas exchange under different land use, and now I’m working with the sites related to the ALFAwetlands project. We are using the JSBACH process-based ecosystem model together with HIMMELI methane model developed at the University of Helsinki and FMI. More information about HIMMELI can be found here:

In addition to the site simulations, I have studied the response of extreme weather events on wetland GHG exchange based on our model results. We are studying how well the models and reanalysis forcing data replicate the known extreme events as well as how large the variation of emissions can be under different conditions.

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