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  • ALFAwetlands Living Lab in Belgium

    ALFAwetlands Living Lab in Belgium

    One of the ALFAwetlands Living Labs that supports and integrates interdisciplinary research, is the Living Lab in Belgium, managed by EVINBO. Fragmented wetland habitat The region of Flanders is situated in the northern part of Belgium and covers 13,522 km2. With almost 75% of its wetlands lost since the 1950s, Flanders ranks highest amongst the…

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  • Co-creation experience of the Rampillon Living Lab site

    Co-creation experience of the Rampillon Living Lab site

    Tackling non-point source pollution in intensive agricultural area, near Paris, faces several barriers. In order to stimulate communication between stakeholders, ALFAwetlands partner: INRAE in cooperation with AQUI’Brie: association to protect ground water resources developed tools and serious game to support participatory approaches. Objectives The objectives were to test tools that would facilitate dialogue on diffuse…

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  • Living lab site – Öland, Sweden

    Living lab site – Öland, Sweden

    The Swedish Living Lab within the ALFAwetlands project is the island of Öland, situated in the Baltic Sea just off the southeast coast of Sweden. Introduction Covering a surface area of 1,342 square kilometres and home to approximately 26,600 inhabitants, Öland is connected to the Swedish mainland by the Öland Bridge, constructed in 1972. The…

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  • Living lab site – the Nature Reserve Confluent

    Living lab site – the Nature Reserve Confluent

    ALFAwetlands Living lab France consists of several sites, one of them is Living Lab site Toulouse or Confluent. Please also read: Living Lab site in French Pyrenees Introduction Small man-managed wetlands are scattered throughout the picturesque landscape of France. These wet areas contribute to the country’s natural beauty and ecological diversity. These wetlands, serve as…

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  • Living lab site in French Pyrenees 

    Living lab site in French Pyrenees 

    Bernadouze Peatland Living lab site Bernadouze Peatland is a part of the unique Europe wide Living labs network of ALFAWetlands project. It is nestled in the picturesque Pyrenees landscape of southwestern France. The area is a captivating natural gem that holds significant ecological value.  This area is a moss-covered wetland with diverse flora and fauna.…

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  • Rampillon wetland

    Rampillon wetland

    Wetland Rampillon is an important reminder of the critical role that wetlands play in supporting biodiversity, improving water quality, and providing essential ecosystem services. Vlado Vancura European Wilderness Society´s expert Help us to save wetlands! Stay tuned 📨

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  • Living Laboratories

    Living Laboratories

    ALFAwetlands HORIZON project, supported by the European Union, is focusing on the various kind of peatlands, wetlands and floodplains across the Europe. The project is multinational and it includes 10 EU countries. The Living Laboratories (Living Labs) are fundamental for ALFAwetlands project. One of the ultimate goals of this project is to improve the geospatial knowledge base of wetlands.  Living…

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