ALFAwetlands Summary-2023 and Perspectives-2024

In the year 2023 ALFAwetlands project had a great progress towards achieving its main goals, namely: improvement of the geospatial knowledge base of wetland, evaluation of pathways of wetland restorations and provision of information and indicators for sustainability to maximize climate change mitigation, biodiversity and other benefits. 

During 2023 ALFAwetlands 14 +1 partners from 10 European countries continued their research work on 9 project Living Labs and beyond, took part in numerous conferences and other events, joint various meetings with sister projects. Within the ALFAwetlands we also: 

Perspectives 2024

It the upcoming year ALFAwetlands multiskilled international team will continue its great work, together with numerous stakeholders, for the wetlands restoration for the future. 

One of the planned 2024 activities is the conduction of a series of webinars with our sister projects: WET HORIZONS, REWET, RESTORE4CS. What makes these sessions truly special, is that they will feature an outstanding work of our PhD students, post-docs, and early-career researchers actively contributing to our shared initiatives. 

We will also conduct our Living Labs Open Days and ALFAwetlands Mid-term Conference in Austria. 

Stay tuned for more details in 2024! 

We are wishing you happy Winter Holidays and the implementation of all your plans in the upcoming year!

ALFAwetlands team

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