Category: Wetlands Restoration

  • Learning from past restoration projects

    Learning from past restoration projects

    Under ALFAwetlands Work Package 1, EVINBO and MSF partners are conducting a literature review focusing on restoration measures and approaches implemented in European wetlands over the past 40 years. Primary objective is to gain valuable insights into the entire process of restoration projects, including the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation phase. This will help to…

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  • Wetlands restoration in Šumava

    Wetlands restoration in Šumava

    As a part of ALFAwetlands synergy activities and learning about wetlands restoration practices, European Wilderness Society have visited various Czech Republic wetlands restoration sites. Furthermore, team expert, Vlado Vancura, have developed number of postings regarding restoration practices. One of them is about Šumava National Park restoration experience, which we are sharing now with you. Introduction…

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