Water level manipulations & sphagnum moss growth in downy birch forest peatland

Challenges: Almost half of EE’s peatland is drained (0.4 Mha). Agali, a downy birch forest on N-rich peat, has data on GHGE and their drivers. The impact of rewetting on GHGE and Sphagnum moss growth in drained birch forest is still unknown.

Solutions: WL manipulations will be conducted. Biota—particularly soil microbes and rooted plants — in wet soils are known to regulate GHGE and removal, and their changes will be studied. The effects of WL change and freeze-thaw cycles on GHG fluxes will be measured. Isotope analyses (15N and 13C) and microbiome studies will be used for separating fluxes between N2O source processes and CH4 production and consumption

Outcomes: Rewetting will reduce GHGE and increase BD. Raising the WL and sustaining Sphagnum growth initiate re-establishing of peat accumulation.

Type of wetland:

Drained peatland – productive

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